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— Dean Blehert

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Bright Idea for Poetry Readings

We shouldn't have these open poetry readings with seated audience and poet, for five tight minutes, at podium. Instead, a poet should, in the center of a circle of his/her peers and admirers, recite poems while dodging a volleyball hurled by other poets in the circle. The reader would be allowed to go on and on until hit, then replaced by the marksman (marksperson?).

Think of the much needed exercise for our effete poets, now debilitated by tobacco, drink, drugs, inertia: In their desperate need to hold an audience, they will train for stamina and agility.

And listeners will be able to take out their frustrations with lousy poetry and do so without resorting to critical sniping. How much easier to take we poets will be when audiences can zing volley balls at our sensitive heads.

1 comment:

Unsaid said...

Ha! That would be too funny! I found your blog by doing a search on poetry! I can just picture it now...poets trying to say something significant to keep the balls from flying at them. I love it!

Thanks for the smile.