Let me ask you a purely academic question: Hello?
— Dean Blehert

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Entertainment as Containment

To entertain: From "between" (enter) and "hold" (tain), to hold between, as when entertaining a guest between walls or thighs.

We amuse a guest, divert. Guest is stranger, stranger is enemy, enemy is to be killed. We make the guest at home: held lightly between. Even if the wine is poisoned, we amuse, divert, distract, come to think of amusement itself as entertainment, a holding (the suspension of disbelief), and when we hold an opinion between the whore-legs of the intellect, we entertain a thought.

When a thought, like the Man Who Came to Dinner, stays too long (well entertained, but enemy after all), takes over this little home, our mind, we have an obsession; we are held between, much to the entertainment of all.

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