Let me ask you a purely academic question: Hello?
— Dean Blehert

Friday, May 18, 2007

On Resisting Evil

Because the evil have made the trains
run on time, we are wary of efficiency
and accomplish nothing.

Because the evil have misused force,
we hesitate, hoping for miracles.

Because fools have thrown away
their lives for madmen, we imagine
there is nothing worth dying for
and, dying anyway, live in fear.

Because the evil have created
formidable organizations, we dream
of standing alone, swallowing
that swindle (dreamed up by the weak
to subdue the strong) that organization
must be abhorred.

Because the evil seem driven
by destructive purpose, we are
wishywashy, lost, as it were,
in qualifications, lest we be tainted
by zeal.

Because the evil rely on solid stuffy
citizens (who can best be governed
by fear of loss of status) and call them
sane, we think we must be crazy
to be creative, so create only

Because madmen have equated
love of our own country with hatred
of all other countries, we try to love
mankind by despising our country,
as if love of neighbors could grow
from hatred of self.

Nothing is left to us if we try to be
good only by being what evil is not,
nothing but evil itself, which is maybe
a violent effort not to be evil.

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Vinakti said...

That's right! Nothing to add to this. You're so smart and clever, Dean!